Founding Calendar

NEWSERA is founded in 10th Oct 2019, founded by DApp Technology Team and HY Capital. DApp Team is led by Bryan Tan, and collaborate with HY Capital, they has successfully helped many emerging startups in the past few years. The company was originally founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For a more complete and better launch, the founding day of NEWSERA takes a total of seven months of preparation time, just to better serve the wider population.

The new-generation App starts from the market system created at the beginning, we have explores more than dozens of market systems before in order to allow the market to have an innovative direction without burdening the members' economy. In the end, a walking app was used as a promoting template.

At the same time, the 1.2 times honest pricing strategy of the product was enthusiastically received and recognized by more than a thousand people when it was laid in the early market. At the same time, it pointed out the most pain points of consumers in the health care market — That is not unhealthy, but the cost of health care consumption has affected the balance of income of each household. Although there is a myth in the health care industry, "When you think your body is more valuable, you won't think the product is expensive." But there are dozen of real cases shows the fact that the pricing of some products is really expensive! Many families can only observe even they know the product is good, but they are abandoning long-term health plans because of overpriced and limited capacity. Some families also wishes that when they are suffering from certain diseases, the health products can be used to improve their health of the body, but in the end, because of they ca n’t afford it, they have to compromise with other ways just because of the highly price-marked up products